The Neuro specific Essential generator uses Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR) technology. QMR technology allows a surgeon to cut and coagulate soft tissues at a temperature lower than 50 °C, resulting in very little damage to surrounding structures and tissues, less blood loss through coagulation, and minimize scarring and post-op recovery time for the patient.

More traditional Electro and Radio-frequency generators use simple thermal energy transfer to cut and coagulate, while QMR uses a higher frequency spectrum (4-16 MHz) that causes only minimal thermal increase. The main component of energy transmitted to the tissue interacts directly at the molecular level, by breaking up molecular bonds in a non-thermal way.

An example of this is a crystal glass that shatters when it is hit by a sound wave of appropriate frequency. The breaking up of the glass does not depend on the intensity of the sound wave, rather it is due to a properly tuned resonance frequency of the glass.

Overall, Essential allows obtaining an extremely precise and delicate surgery thanks to the low working temperature as well as non-sticking devices. Due to tissue impedance matching, Essential can adapt its output to the different types of tissue the instruments touches, granting a constant effect in all environments.

Essential is focused on Neurosurgery procedures with bi-polar functions.


Advantages of Essential ESU over traditional ESUs are:

  • SMART Technology from Device ~ Instrument
  • 5 coagulation modes
  • Highest level of coagulation in any procedure
  • Very effective coagulation in liquid or blood pools
  • Low temperature control
  • No carbonization of tissue
  • No thermal diffusion of tissue
Basics of QMR Technology
Spine Surgery
Essential Overview