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Vesalius® and Quantum® allow surgeons to operate with a greatly reduced amount of thermal damage, contrary to the more invasive traditional electro and radio-surgical generators. This advantage is particularly appreciated in use with surgeries where it is of the utmost importance to be delicate with surrounding tissue. Cuts to muscle fibers can be extremely precise, with electrodes that measure only 0.055 mm (55 microns). Even more important, because of the QMR effect, there are no signs of any thermal damage on the surrounding margins.




Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR) technology was developed by Gianantonio Pozzato, co-founder of Telea. Mr. Pozzato discovered that it is possible to transfer energy to biological tissue by using a well-defined spectrum of high frequency electrical fields, without inducing a negligible rise in temperature. This is possible as long as the spectrum of frequencies meets certain characteristics, that is, it must be in Quantum Molecular Resonance®. Such a specific spectrum of frequencies has been patented by Telea and it is today applied in a wide range of medical devices, concerning both the Surgery (through the product lines Vesalius® and Quantum®), and the Regenerative Medicine; more specifically Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine.





QMR Technology

Fig.1 - Bipolar in general.

Heat leakage spreading widely.


Fig.2 - Bipolar with QMR technology. Temperature keeps very low on surrounding tissue and allows “Pin-Point coagulation”.

*Data provided from Japan.

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