Nova Surgical Innovations, Inc. (“NSII”) was established in 2014 as a collaborative endeavor between the TKB Group in Japan (“TKB”) and Telea Electronic Engineering Srl (“Telea”).

Telea was founded in 1988 in Vicenza, Italy by brothers Arnalodo and Giantonio Pozzato.  Originally a design and manufacturing company for electronic boards and devices for industrial applications, the Pozzato’s developed their first medical device utilizing “Quantum Molecular Resonance” (“QMR”).  The QMR theory eventually became a product and the subject of a scientific publication, thus transforming Telea into an innovative medical company.

TKB, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in 1955 by physician Dr. Yasuyuki Sata, has grown into a worldwide medical manufacturer and distributor with locations in 5 countries.  The company has prospered under the direction of Dr. Sata’s son, Yasuhiko (“Mike”) Sata, since Dr. Sata’s untimely passing in 1993.

NSII is located in Temecula in the heart of southern California’s wine country.